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Eco-Friendly Aluminum Recycling

From paper to metal, to glass and aluminum, AMKO RECYCLING, LLC in Colton, California, recycles almost any material. This is in line with our goal to improve our land and community by reducing landfill waste and recycling as many reusable materials as possible. We accept any recyclables from all individuals as well as from commercial and industrial businesses.
Recycle Bins - Aluminum Recycling


Bring all your recyclable materials to our facility. We take recyclables and condense them into large packed bundles. Then we send them off to facilities for recycling. All of the materials are melted down to their original raw material to be reformed and reused in other products. We have small, easy to handle bins to help you unload your recyclables.

Materials We Recycle:

• Papers (Cardboard, Newspapers, Mixed Paper)
• Metals (Steel, Iron, Copper, Brass, Radiators)
• California Refund Value (CRV) Materials (Aluminum Cans, Plastic Bottles, Beer Bottles)

Contact us today in Colton, California, for all types of recycling, such as paper, metal, and aluminum recycling.