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Efficient Waste Management Recycling for All Your Recyclable Materials

At AMKO RECYCLING, LLC in Colton, California, we encourage you to recycle all your recyclable materials to help reduce our limited landfill space. We use industry-recognized waste management recycling procedures

Get Paid for Recyclables

Get cash from your trash! Instead of throwing away your soda can or cardboard box, why not recycle it? We pay cash above the California Refund Value (CRV) standard for your materials. For personal deals, you have an option to be paid either by cash or check. Commercial accounts are usually paid in check forms. Cash payments are also available for special cases.

Metal Bins & Trailers

AMKO RECYCLING, LLC also offers metal bins and trailers for recycling upon additional request. This service is exclusive for commercial and industrial clients. We only accept recyclable materials and you'll get paid for your recycled load.

The metal bins and trailers we provide hold 40 cubic feet of materials. We also have small bins for small loads. For extremely heavy metals, our smaller three-yard bins can handle it. Each bin provided must have only the designated materials and cannot contain a mix of plastics, scrap metals, papers, and glasses. We provide pickup and drop offs of all bins and trailers. Our paved facility allows you to easily drive through and drop off your materials in one run.

Contact us today in Colton, California, to know our waste management recycling process for all your recyclable materials.